Japanese Lessons (for International Students)

Global Education and Advancement Center offers additional Japanese lessons at Asakura, Oko and Monobe campuses for international students registered at Kochi University. Students can study Japanese language and culture at a level that is suited to them.


Japanese Language Courses for International Students

Timetable for the International Relations Section Teachers (fulltime and part-time), 1st Semester 2022

Japanese Language Course 1st Semester2022.pdf(146KB)

Japanese Language Course 1st Semester2022.png

Global Education and Advancement Center Offers the Following Two Courses:

1.Intensive Japanese Course

We offer a course for Monbukagakusho Scholarship students (research students) who wish to study for graduate programs.

2.Comprehensive Japanese Course

We offer a course for international students who are registered at Kochi University. The level of the courses available at Asakura, Monobe and Oko campus may be modified to suit students’ needs.