Application and Admissions

International Students at Kochi University

International students at Kochi University are either registered as degree students or non-degree students.

Degree Students - Undergraduate and graduate students whose purpose is to obtain a degree.
Non-degree Students – Research students, special auditing students, special research students, and auditors whose purpose is NOT to obtain a degree.

Admissions for each type of student are as follows:

Degree Students

◎ Undergraduate Students ―

Admissions for privately-funded international students(excluding the Faculty of Education, the Nursing Course at Kochi Medical School, the Faculty of Regional collaboration)

◎ Graduate Students ―

The admission procedure is specific to each course.

For more details, visit the Admissions Office website.(Japanese)


Non-degree Students

◎ Non-degree Research Students ―

Students with this status cannot get course credits. Research students may subsequently transfer to a graduate program.
Those who wish to be registered as a research student are requested to contact relevant faculty or course supervisor before applying.A list of areas of research(Japanese) can be found here.

For more details, visit here.(Japanese)


◎ Special Auditing/Research Students ―

We accept special auditing/research students from universities with which we have partnerships. Such students may study here as non-degree students for six months or one year.Such students may take Japanese courses offered by Global Education and Advancement Support Center as well as other regular courses offered by other faculties.

Application Deadlines
   First Semester(commencing April): October 15th of the previous academic year
  Second Semester(commencing October): April 15th
For more details, contact the international relations office at your university.

◎ Auditors―

Auditors can take one or more courses offered in undergraduate or graduate programs. You may receive course credits.Auditors’ course credits may be converted to degree credits if you are subsequently admitted as a degree student either at Kochi University or another university.

For more details, visit here.(Japanese)


Admissions for Privately-Funded International Students

 At Kochi University, non-Japanese students without permanent residency can apply for the entrance examination for privately-funded international students. For more information regarding applications and the screening process, refer to the appropriate application form.


  Application Form for Study within a Faculty(Japanese)

  ・Application Guide

  ・Undergraduate Application Form for Privately-Funded International Students


 Privately-funded international students who are interested in the entrance examination for graduate programs are requested to refer to the application form of each course.


  Application Form for Graduate Program(Japanese)


Entry for Monbukagakusho Scholarship students

 A Monbukagakusho Scholarship student is an international student whose tuition fees are funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

 There are different types of scholarships. The categories - “embassy recommendation” and “university recommendation” are for students applying from overseas. Privately-funded international students who have already been living in Japan may apply under the category “acceptance from within the country”.

 Four types of scholarships for Monbukagakusho Scholarship students are available at Kochi University.


  A list of scholarship by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.


   For your reference, The system of Monbukagakusho Scholarship students(the Ministry website)(Japanese)