Event information (annual events)

International students meet the President (around May every year)

 Since FY2013, an opportunity was created for international students to meet the president. By meeting with the president, Kochi University offers an opportunity for international students to cultivate their understanding of Kochi University and Japanese culture.




Joint workshop for international students and Japanese students (around July every year)

 Since FY2013, a joint workshop for exchange among students has been implemented for the purpose of fostering mutual understanding and exchange with international students and encouraging international student tutors and those who want to study abroad to actively participate in workshops and brief sessions regarding studying abroad. Through this workshop, the number of participants is expected to grow, and it enhances mutual understanding among tutors, those who want to study abroad, and international students. Additionally, this serves as an opportunity to foster understanding of partner universities, exchange with international students from partner universities and among international student tutors, and to motivate people to study abroad.




Extracurricular training for international students (around November every year)

 Study tours are conducted for international students. The goal is to experience Japanese nature, culture, and science and to promote friendship among international students. Every year, 70 to 80 international students participate in the tours. If you feel like “I want to visit various places” or “I want to make friends from various countries,” please feel free to join.





Social gathering for international students’ exchange (around December every year)

 Once a year, a social gathering is held for international students’ exchange, hosted by the president. Every year, about 150 to 200 international students join this gathering. This event includes the introduction of new students, a representative’s speech, and a show by international students consisting of singing songs and dancing. International students who don’t see each other often due to the campus being far away are able to deepen their friendship and interaction. Some food and drinks are served, so please come and join this gathering.




Culture Café (on an irregular basis)

 This is one of the approaches with the goal of promoting understanding of different cultures through cultural exchange conducted in multiple languages among Japanese students, international students, and faculty members, as well as increasing the number of those who want to study abroad by encouraging Japanese students to become interested in different cultures. It works as an opportunity to cultivate interest in and understanding of different cultures by introducing motherland cultures through the eyes of international students in an amusing manner by using some of their mother languages. At the same time, it creates opportunities to expose people to multiple languages and gives motivation for improving language skills and continuing their study by learning from one another.