Kochi University International Strategies

From Locality to Globality, From Globality to Locality,
Aiming at Reciprocal GLOCAL International Collaboration

Kochi University fosters a sustainable society with harmony between humans and the environment. We promote innovative and creative international education and research, exploiting the regional advantages of south Shikoku and the warm current known as Kuroshio. We develop reciprocal GLOCAL international exchanges by transmitting the fruit of our education and research to the world and importing global trends for the benefit of local communities. We foster human resources who can contribute to the secure development of both local communities and global society at large. To that end, we have established the following international strategies.

1. To foster GLOCAL human resources and promote reciprocal (local-to-global and global-to-local) international exchanges.

  1. In order to foster GLOCAL human resources with both local and international perspectives, to prepare a variety of educational programs for overseas students and to help more Japanese students to study abroad.
  2. To restructure our academic year and establish programs for international students in order to raise the globality of our educational system and make it easier to accept excellent international students on our campuses.
  3. To make our campuses more international, helping Japanese and international students to learn together and enjoy more exchanges with local communities.

2. To promote international collaboration by making the most of our local resources and by helping local communities to internationalize.

  1. To promote GLOCAL education and research by networking the bases of overseas academic and student exchanges and facilitating the collaboration of researchers and students.
  2. On the basis of education and research results, to collaborate with JICA and other internationally active organizations in promoting our international cooperation with developing countries in Asia and the Pacific Ocean.
  3. To cooperate with the local government, communities and enterprises in our utilization of local resources and to contribute to the internationalization of the locality.
  4. To develop our education and research in a more practical and international manner by means of international collaboration.

3. To create an enhanced environment for international exchanges.

  1. To help more Japanese students to study abroad by providing study-abroad information with appropriate timing and to help them improve their English language proficiency.
  2. To create a comfortable environment for international students on campus by securing accommodations and well-funded scholarships.
  3. To strengthen our International Student Alumni Networks, to develop our friendships and exchanges with them, and to request their collaboration in both PR and the recruitment of excellent international students to our campuses.
  4. To educate our teaching and administrative staff in their international duties.
  5. To ensure that each Faculty and Department plays their part in the internationalization of the whole university.

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