Contact & Support (for International Students)

Method of Contacting International Students


Method of Contacting International Students on Each Campus

Asakura Campus International Exchange Division has mail boxes for each international student.
Oko Campus The Student Support Division sends documents to each research office.
Monobe Campus The bulletin board and the mail boxes in the Office of Student and Educational Affairs, General Affairs Division.

Please check the board every day since there may be important information regarding scholarships and events.

Academic Advisors

You can seek advice and guidance from your academic advisor regarding study, research, and other problems you might have.
Keeping contact with advisors is very important as students will need their opinions as well as letters of reference when applying for scholarships, tuition waivers, and so on.

Tutorial System

Each international student is assigned a fellow student tutor so that he or she will able to quickly adjust to their new life at Kochi University. Tutors offer help related to both daily life and study.
Generally tutors are chosen by academic advisors.
Under the guidance of your academic advisor, your tutor will give you support in your daily life and study when necessary.

How long will your tutor be available?
●During your first two years if you are an undergraduate student.
●During your first year if you are a graduate student, research student, or exchange student.
●Tutors for Special Auditing Students
Other types of international students (excluding Japanese language and culture studies students) who need educational support.

Health Service Center

Doctors,nurses and other medical staff on each campus provide first aid for illness and injuries,and offer counseling on physical and mental health.
矢印Health Service Center (Japanese) 別ウィンドウ