Message from the Director


Global Education and Advancement Support Center


IMAI Noriko


 Kochi University has promoted globalization with the goals of “fostering global human resources who can actively participate in a global society” and “realizing a multicultural symbiosisotic campus.” The university aims to develop global human resources who are able to connect the world and open up the future.

 The Kochi University Global Education and Advancement Support Center aims to achieve the globalization of the campus by promoting educational exchanges with partner universities overseas and realizing study abroad programs for all students who wish to do so. This center was established in October 2022 to cultivate students internationally and develop human resources who can contribute to the global society. It will promote study abroad programs for KU students and endeavor to accept international students to globalize the campus and develop global human resources.

 If KU students converse with people with diverse values and encounter a new set of values by studying abroad or interacting with international students on campus, they will be able to employ their perspectives and thinking skills to solve problems desirably under various circumstances, including in different cultures. This will, in turn, lead to the development of human resources, characterized by an understanding of their own culture and the flexibility to accept multiculturalism and diversity. Furthermore, it will foster human resources who can play an active role not only overseas but also locally, while maintaining a global perspective. An increase in the number of students with such qualities will lead to the internationalization of the university.

 The center aims to provide support for every student who wants to study abroad. Furthermore, in order to realize a multicultural campus, it is of the utmost importance to accept a large number of international students from diverse countries / regions and afford them opportunities to interact with our students casually. We intend enhancing the environment further and offering support so that international students can deepen their ties with Koch University even after they return to their home countries.

 Unfortunately, human exchange was not possible during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, student exchange was cancelled. However, online exchanges have been conducted through the use of ICT. It is evident that this online exchange has made it easier than previously to connect with the world anytime and anywhere. We have found that online exchange has become even more feasible with ingenuity than human exchange was. However, from 2022, human exchange has resumed and we intend to continue promoting international exchange, including employing online exchange.