December 5, 2018: Overseas Risk Management Seminar (for Teachers) and the Overseas Travel Risk Management Seminar (for Students)


  We welcomed Mr. Hiroki Kawachi, Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd., to the Kochi University Asakura Campus to host a two-part seminar on overseas risk management, one for faculty and staff, and the other for students.
  First, in Part 1, Overseas Risk Management Seminar (for Teachers), university faculty members and others from related institutions in Kochi, for a total of 32 attendees, listened to Mr. Kawachi discuss mainly issues related to implementing orientation for students from the perspective of risk management for student exchange, touching on the increasing and diversifying nature of risk phenomena such as recent international security matters, natural disasters, and so on. Mr. Kawachi’s lecture also discussed specific risk case studies and the role of insurance companies. Following the presentation, there was a lively question-and-answer session that also included inbound international student issues.
  Next, in Part 2, Overseas Travel Risk Management Seminar (for Students), there were 20 students attending, mainly those who are supposed to go to study abroad from this spring. Mr. Kawachi presented examples of problems Japanese students run into overseas and points to be aware of when living in a foreign country. Student impressions were that it made them realize they need to be more aware, and that in addition to collecting information beforehand, they needed to take care to avoid risky areas when overseas, and enjoy a meaningful overseas study experience.
  Kochi University will continue to have events such as this to spread awareness among students heading overseas to study that they need to be able to take care of themselves. We will also enhance and strengthen our safety management systems related to dispatching students overseas, and work to be able to support this through a more comprehensive system.  


Overseas Risk Management Seminar (for Teachers)


Opening remarks by Vice-President Endo


Lecture by Mr. Kawachi

Overseas Travel Risk Management Seminar (for Students)