December 5, 2018: Kochi University International Exchange Fund Subsidy Notification Exchange Ceremony


  On Wednesday December 8, eight persons selected for the Scholarship Program for International Students, the Scholarship Program for Students Studying Overseas, and the Overseas Dispatch Program for Graduate Student Research Presentations were presented with their notifications of subsidy confirmation in a ceremony at Kochi University attended by the university president, related directors, and their faculty supervisors. The programs are part of the Kochi University International Exchange Fund Subsidy Program that supports international students learning at Kochi University and Japanese Kochi University students studying overseas.
 University President Sakurai provided words of encouragement based on his own experiences studying overseas, saying “I want you to experience full, rich student lives overseas while taking care of your own safety,” as he personally handed the successful candidates their notifications of subsidy confirmation. A representative of the candidates offered their thanks for the scholarship money they would receive, and made a few remarks about their ambitions for their time overseas.

Remarks by representative candidate
Commemorative photograph