October 14, 2018: 24 International Students Take Part in Asakura District Residents’ Sports Meet


  Twenty-four international students studying at Kochi University (from the United States, Indonesia, China, South Korea, and Taiwan) took part in the Asakura District Residents’ Sports Meet held at the Asakura Elementary School sports ground next to the Kochi University Asakura Campus, furthering exchange with local people through sports.
  The international students who took part noted that while there were sports events in their own countries, they weren’t ones where people from various generations took part; it was an enjoyable day being able to get to know all sorts of different people. The local residents said how surprised they were with the Japanese skills of international students, and that they would like them to take part in more local events so they could get to know them better, and look forward to their future participation.
  Kochi University will continue to carry out mutual exchanges with local residents as a university firmed rooted in its community.


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