July 18, 2018: Kochi University International Exchange Fund Subsidy Program


  The Kochi University International Exchange Fund Subsidy Program provides scholarships for international students learning at Kochi University, Japanese Kochi University students studying overseas, and students going overseas to present their research. Today, a ceremony was held to present successful candidates for the 2018 academic year with their notifications and to hear presentations by 2017 academic year grantees on their research results.
  In the ceremony, University President Sakurai personally presented the successful candidates with their notifications, and the students reaffirmed their hopes and ambitions for their time overseas.
  This was followed by presentations from the previous year’s recipients. There were reports from a South Korean student on the results of his time studying at Kochi University, and from a Japanese student on her experiences as an exchange student in the United States. The recipients expressed their thanks for the scholarship funding and presented their results.


Presentation of the subsidy notifications
Group photo from the 2018 ceremony
Presentation of results by South Korean student
Presentation of exchange student results by Japanese student