15th Culture Café was held on Wednesday, November 30


 Culture Café was held as one of the programs of the International Day event, to allow students from other countries, Japanese students and other people to improve their understanding of different cultures through communication.
  The theme of the 15th Culture Café was “Argentina” and it was attended by 44 persons: five Japanese students, 12 international students, ten faculty/staff members and 17 participants from outside the University.
  A Medical School student (doctoral), José Lauthier, gave a presentation about the geography, history and other aspects of Argentina, with particular emphasis on mate, a tea-like beverage most commonly consumed in Argentina and other South American countries. After this, he demonstrated how to make and drink mate and explained the rules of not holding the straw, drinking it in three sips and each person drinking it by turns while adding some hot water.
  Cookies with jam on top, a familiar treat in Argentina, that José baked himself, and lightly toasted baguettes, were served on each table, and participants enjoyed them over mate.
  Worthy of the name of “International Day,” this Culture Café was participated in by people from 12 different countries of the world, including Japan.