JICA’s issue-specific training course for 2016 “Improvement of Education in Remote Areas” established


  Kochi University established a JICA issue-specific training course entitled “Improvement of Education in Remote Areas—For the Achievement of MDGs and EFA” from Thursday, June 9 to Thursday, June 24.

  This training course was commissioned to Kochi University by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) as part of the Japanese government’s development aid.
  In the course, 15 participants, including central and local government officials and researchers from nine different countries mainly in Africa and Asia, visited schools in remote areas to observe their educational methods, do hands-on exercises, and find out what kinds of community efforts are being made to support these schools.

  For example, they visited Kochi University-affiliated Elementary School to observe and learn about classroom teaching methods used in multi-grade classes and actually developed their own teaching plans. In addition, they visited Namegawa Gakuen, a school in a remote area of Kochi City, to observe the training for teachers and lesson studies conducted there. Another place of training was Tosayama Gakusha in Kochi City, where they learned how important cooperation with the local community could be from an educational point of view through communicating with local volunteers, those who had moved there from other places, and other local people. They also interacted with the students of each school they visited and ate the school lunch with the students. They were amazed by their educational level, the enthusiasm of teachers and the strong partnership between the local people and each school.

  The final program of the course was a presentation meeting on action plans developed to promote educational improvements back in their own countries, in which each participant shared ideas reflecting the different situations of each country, such as educational reform proposals and a manual for development of school teaching plans.

  Participants conveyed their thoughts saying, “I felt that the teaching method used in the multi-grade classes in Japan was effective in helping students improve their problem-solving and mutual-learning skills.” “I was impressed to see how the communities in remote areas maintain good relationships with the local schools, believing in the children’s potential with confidence and hope.”

  Kochi University is planning to continue to implement international training in the area of education next year and afterwards.




Opening ceremony






Visit to the elementary school in Namegawa