First study abroad briefing session in 2016


 A study abroad briefing session was held on Asakura Campus on Wednesday, April 27, 2016. This was designed to contain elementary content targeting mainly freshmen and sophomores and was attended by about 80 participants.
  The first part was opened with an address by Professor Nino, Head of the Center for International Collaboration, who talked about the significance of acquiring overseas experience as a university student and the importance of paying attention to Asia, in addition to Europe and the United States. This was followed by a presentation by a student who had been sent to Seattle, the United States, under the KAKEHASHI project and had had interactions with local university students, elementary school students and other people there, about what they had learned from their experience. After this, an International Exchange Division staff member in charge of international student exchange programs provided basic information about study abroad programs and gave advice about how to plan for a study abroad.
  The second part included a seminar by a guest lecturer, Ryo Tsukamoto, an English education consultant who teaches IELTS classes at Kochi University, entitled “How We Should Learn and Work in This Age of Globalization,” which, according to participants, “gave students the opportunity to think about their future” and “increased their motivation to learn English.” Lastly, an Eiken Foundation of Japan staff member provided information for those planning to take IELTS, by giving an outline of IELTS and talking about its usefulness for education abroad.