Orientation held for new international students


  Orientation sessions for new international students were held on Friday the 1st and Tuesday, the 5th of April.
  The first session held on 1st April was opened with a welcome address for new international students by Professor Nino, Head of the Center for International Collaboration, who said, “The people of Kochi are known for their kindness. I hope you will actively communicate with people around you, not only inside the university but also in the local community,” followed by guidance on what they should remember for successful student life in Japan and how to use co-ops, as well as an introduction of Kochi University’s support society for international students.
  In the second session on 5th April, one-day tours provided in Kochi Prefecture were explained to participants to give students the opportunity to communicate with local people. Participants were given a disaster preparedness lecture by the Kochi University Disaster Assistant Team, a student group, and they also listened to presentations by other on-campus organizations, including the student association for international exchange “Kokusai Jaya,” who introduced their events. Lastly, an officer from Kochi Minami Police Station delivered a quiz-based lecture on crime prevention tips, how to read Japanese road signs, what to watch out for when crossing the road, traffic safety rules, and so on.