Language training (English) for staff members hosted by the Human Resources Department



     A language training program (English) was provided to clerical staff members of Kochi University from November 2015 through February 2016. In this program, six participants with intermediate to advanced English skills, selected from each department of the Secretariat, attended group/private English lessons provided by an English conversation school outside the university, according to their respective levels, to improve their spoken English.
  The final day of the training was scheduled to be on the same day for all six participants so they could each give a presentation in English on a given theme in front of each other. Besides the six participants, Chief Kadowaki from the International Exchange Division and an American instructor also delivered their presentations on the globalization of local communities and universities in English, and all present held a discussion on this theme.
  The six staff members were granted a certificate of completion of the language training from the university on March 10.



職員語学研修1_060310 職員語学研修2_060310