Orientation held for international students returning home


  On Wednesday, January 27, an orientation session was held for international students scheduled to graduate, complete their course, or finish their exchange program at Kochi University at the end of the second semester of this academic year and go back home, to offer them guidance on what preparations they should make before finishing their studies in Japan.
  The Center for International Collaboration held this orientation session for the first time for relevant international students, 24 of whom participated in the session. Staff from the International Exchange Division gave detailed information as to what they should do and keep in mind before departing Japan, including paperwork and procedures required to be done at the university (notification of the time and date of departure, contact information in their home country, return of rented items, and so on), at the city government (submission of a moving-out notification and return of their national insurance card), at banks and other such places (termination of bank/postal accounts), housing-related procedures (procedure for moving out of dormitories, room checks, payment of rent, termination of electricity, gas, water and Internet contracts and payment of remaining bills, room cleaning, and separation and disposal of garbage and waste), mobile phone contract cancellation, returning their residence card, and so on.
  All faculty and staff members of Kochi University are hoping that each international student will stay in touch with the University after finishing their studies in Japan, whether it be through the activities of the network of former international students in their home country, websites or Facebook.


留学生帰国前オリエンテーション 留学前オリエンティーション