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Student voices


Student voices

Mr.Lee Hongnam (from Korea)

Faculty of Science and Technology

Reason for choosing Kochi University

Actually, it was a book which brought me to Japan. It was written by Dr. Chae Yeonseok. After I read one of his books published in Korea, I joined an academic circle in which he was a member. I managed to meet the professor, who later suggested that I should study in Japan.

Research themes

At Kochi University, I am researching magnetic states of materials. We use a lot of helium in experiments, but the gas is wasted once the research is finished. This is a helium analysis model which can circulate the gas to be recycled.

Future plans

I would like to conduct research in the field in which a great number of academic papers have been published in the last decade and Nobel Prizes are awarded. I want people to know you can study such a thing at Kochi University.