Integrated Information Center

 We are pleased to announce that we opened the Kochi University Integrated Information Center in our university by unifying our libraries and Information Processing Center on July 1, 2005. This is part of our project to maximize our organizational capabilities and strengthen our functional abilities by reorganizing libraries and various university centers for joint research and activities into five new centers. We have library and information sections in this new Kochi University Integrated Information Center. We aim to unify the two functions and manage all kinds of information in a unified way and support high-level information activities at our university. In addition, we plan to activate our learning, education, and research activities and promote the effectiveness of university operating process, which will result in the support of local information activities, and will contribute to offering data-warehouse academic information to the local society. Furthermore, the Kochi University Integrated Information Center not only collectively manages both material information, such as books, journals and magazines, and electronic information that can be distributed through computers, but also contributes to supporting local residents’ life long learning as a local resident-oriented facility through information technology support and information sharing with local libraries.



Library Section

 The Library Section consists of the Main Library on the Asakura Campus, the Medical Library on the Oko Campus, and the Agriculture Library on the Monobe Campus. The University Libraries have over 740,000 books and 18,000 academic journals, and users can have direct access to these materials. All the materials can also be retrieved on-line.


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Information Section

 The center provides a highspeed calculation and filing system, in addition to the internet. It also supports information oriented education, a remote learning system, a digital Library system and a common information system for campus use. Specifically, the center is used for information classes, as well as for e-Learning. Graphic software services are distributed throughout the center on each computer. he facilities may be used for self studies out of class.


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