Q1 Do I need to take the TOEFL as part of the entrance exam?

A1:Yes, if you are applying for either the Department of Human Culture or the Department of International Studies, Faculty of Humanities and Economics.

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Q2 What are the EJU and TOEFL requirements?

A2:You are only required to have taken the exams.

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Q3 Do I need to have my score sent to you by the TOEFL headquarters?

A3:Yes. You must arrange for your official TOEFL score to be delivered to the Admissions Office at Kochi University by ETS (Educational Testing Service), by the application deadline.
For more details, check the application form for privately-financed international students, available on the Admissions Office website.

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Q4 Am I allowed to see previous entrance exam questions?

A4:No, the questions of previous entrance exams for privately-financed undergraduate students are not available to the public.
(Contact: Kochi University Admissions Office +81 88 844 8153)

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Q5 What requirements are there?

A5:Please check the Admissions Office website.
矢印 Admissions Office:http://www.kochi-u.ac.jp/nyusi/ (Japanese)別ウィンドウ

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Q6 Can I apply for an entrance fee/tuition fee waiver?

A6:For details, please visit “Information for Students”.
矢印 Information for Students (Japanese)別ウィンドウ

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Q7 What are the entrance fees and tuition fees?

A7Entrance and Tuition Fees

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Q8 What about accommodation?

A8:We offer student accommodation at Monobe and Oko campuses. Click here for more information.
矢印 Accommodation 

You can also apply to stay in off-campus student dormitories. Click here for more details.
矢印 Apartments for Students (Japanese)別ウィンドウ